Monday, April 21, 2014

Freezer paper Star Wars stormtrooper tshirt

2014-04-15 08.19.22 

I made this stormtrooper tshirt for my star wars loving husband using the freezer paper method.

2014-04-14 08.31.55

First, I cut up freezer paper to 8.5" x 11" and flattened it out so I can feed it through my printer. I found this image online and resized it to make it larger for the t-shirt. I was pleased to find it successfully printed instead of seriously jammed into my printer. IMPORTANT: Print on the matte side, NOT the shiny side.

2014-04-14 09.14.54

Next, I cut it out using an exacto knife. Save the little white cut out from the orb part of this cut out. you'll need to iron the little pieces in place.

Which reminds me, I really really really want to get the silhouette cameo!  If you don't know what it is, google it. You won't regret it.

2014-04-14 09.58.10

I ironed this on using a low setting. Make sure you iron the shiny side down. That has the wax that adheres to the t-shirt. And apparently, no this is not the same as wax paper. I did my research :)

Iron it down as best as you can. Test all the edges with your finger.

2014-04-14 10.09.43

I used a brush and brushed it on using ...well a brushing motion. Later, I learned that it's best to use a stippling motion with a stiff brush. Or use a foam brush. I used whatever I had on hand. 

I used scribbles paint from JoAnn. It's permanent fabric paint, and it's supposed to be used as puffy paint but the store associate says you can use it as regular paint with a brush. The only thing that makes it puffy is the way it squeezes out. Who knew? And it was the only thing available at the particular store I was I just went with it.  I found that it was very wet and thin. Not as viscous as I was expecting but this is the first time using fabric paint so I don't know what it is supposed to be like. The larger stores have a bigger and better selection. Next time...

Diaper Cake

One of my good friends is pregnant and I finally had the opportunity to make a diaper cake! I looked around online for directions, and there are so many different ways to make them.  There really is no cookie cutter method for making diaper cakes, especially with the decor.  I found out her baby shower was during the time my husband and I were going to be in Portland so I had to rush and get this diaper cake done with very little time and direction.

We bought a box of diapers at Costco (size 1-2) and used one entire half of the packaged diapers with about 4 left over. I didn't have rubber bands so I hand tied each rolled diaper with twine.  For the middle, I unrolled a half used paper towel roll and used the center as...the center for the cake! Some people used baby shampoo. I would have done that if I wanted to run to the store for the 4th time for the cake, but I was strapped for time.

Her baby shower theme was pink and gray. I'd say I did a pretty good job with the time and resources I had!

2014-03-23 15.22.46  2014-03-23 15.23.15

Back from unplanned hiatus...maybe?

So life happened. Quit my job to take prereq classes to apply to grad school. Successfully got into grad school. Now that is my life and there's hardly any time. Still, there is still somehow some traffic coming in on this site. Not much, but it's better than a big fat zero! I initially stopped posting because it was taking too much of my time and I just don't have that luxury during this time anymore. Now, I've resolved to posting pictures I've taken on my phone (read: poor quality) versus taking them on my dslr, then post processing the photos. It cut outs a lot of time and I will be able to share in the little crafts I do on the off chance I have this thing called "leisure time."  I'll be posting more frequently to catch up and share many crafts I've done in the past year or so.  

Oh, and there will be less tutorial-like posts unless I am asked to explain or share for the sake of time. This also means I won't be editing or proof reading my posts as I once did before, so please excuse all typos! 

Thank you all for following along!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding invitations complete


I finally completed my friend's 230 wedding invitations! HOORAY! Balancing these invitations on top of school and work, at the time, was a tremendous accomplishment. You know, not going mental and all. But after some drastic life changes, I am much less of a nervous wreck all the time.  I’ll try to document my crafting as time permits, but posting has become lower on the long list of priorities.

Invitations were designed on Adobe Illustrator and paper materials used were:
  • Solutions Linen Envelopes A-7 70# Recycled Linen Test Envelopes 250/box – Color: Natural
  • Classic Linen Text and Cover-8.5x11 80# Cover 250 Sheets / Pkg – Color: Classic Natural White
  • Curious Metallics Text and Cover-8.5x11 Cover 25 Sheets / Pkg – Color: Violette
allisons invite

What else have I been up to? Trying not to be killed by a bear 15-20 ft away whilst walking through the meadows.

Sequioa bears

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wedding invitations - WIP -

Aside from planning my own wedding and finally finishing up all the crafty tid bits I committed to, I took on another project. Insane, I know. One of my dear childhood friends is getting married this year, too, and I decided that I would make her invitations as her wedding gift. All 200+ of them...from start to finish. I started off showing her a couple of designs (chevron, brackets, polka dots...) once she gave me an idea of what she liked. Ultimately, we ended up with:

invitation design_ab

And no invitation is complete without a monogram:


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super easy fried chicken

Easy fried chicken leg meat

My mom always makes the tastiest fried chicken at home, and effortlessly at that. Turns out, all you need is this secret ingredient: 

Easy fried chicken leg meat

You can find sweet potato powder at your nearest Asian grocery store, 99 ranch market for us. No real recipe here.  I used skinless, boneless leg meat and marinated it with sea salt and fresh ground pepper in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Easy fried chicken leg meat

Directions? All I did was blindly pour the powder in the super Asian plate my mom gave me (I really need new prep plates) and coat the pre-seasoned chicken leg meat.

Easy fried chicken leg meat

Friday, April 20, 2012

Garlic spinach and mushroom

Sauteed garlic mushroom and spinach

I have been trying to cook more lately because I was sick of eating the same 5 things my mom made and gave us in large quantities.  Don't get me wrong, I love free food (who doesn't?) but it gets to be too much when it's all you eat. We ended eating the same thing for days, not finishing the food and throwing it away.

Sometimes I follow recipes and then there are nights like these, where there's left over fresh produce and I throw something together. Today, it ended up being pretty good, so I thought I'd share this super easy sauteed dish! (The food in the background: garlic-chili crusted salmon and thai coconut curry shrimp-recipe on salmon to come)


8 oz mushrooms
4 cups of baby spinach
2 tbs red wine
1/2 head of garlic, minced
1.5 tbs butter
1.5 tbs flour


1. Melt the butter slowly in pan, when all is melted, throw in the garlic and saute for a minute
2. Just as the garlic is turning a tad golden, throw in the mushrooms, saute for 3-4 minutes until almost soft
3. Sprinkle flour over, saute for 1 min

Sauteed garlic mushroom and spinach

4. Add wine, cook for 1-2 mins

Sauteed garlic mushroom and spinach

5. Toss in spinach and cook until spinach is almost all wilted and immediately dish
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